October 16th, 2004


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We haven't had a Friday Five or anything for a while. . . and I thought about doing one yesterday, but I have something I'd like to suggest instead:

Life is a truly precious thing, and too often, we take for granted, the special people in our lives who make it worthwhile.

We all have these people in our lives - old friends who live far away, relatives whom we rarely see, former coworkers from jobs past. How often do we think, "Gee, I ought to write/call ____ one of these days?" But life is funny, it can be fleetingly cruel.

Do yourself a favor, and take the time this weekend to call or write one of those special people in your life. Let them know how much they mean to you. Friendship is a precious, precious thing.

Alas, poor Oberin, I knew it well Queertoast

Hey Y'all. I haven't posted since last year. It's nice to be back. I wrote this in response to some postings by Queertoast who goes to school at Oberlin College where I grew up. This is a bit of nostalgia on my part triggerd by his writing. Aparently he used to be chair of the LGBT-PDQ Union or whatever they call it now. It used to be the Gay Union. (Inclusion is a beautiful thing except linguistically.)

I'm sad, sick, and bored tonight, and looking for some perking up. Decided to force myself to read LJ, which I generally don't have the patience to do. I was hit by a blast of pleasant nostalgia hearing Queertoast talk about his life and gripes with Oberlin. I'm a former Oberlin Townie and Faculty (nay Administration) Brat. I was there from 1972 to 1987 or so. Been back once or twice. Dream about it alot. Miss the egg chairs at Mudd Library. Remember when Mudd was being built. Got my first start on the Internet in the Irvin E. Houck computing center. Faculty had "F" accounts, Students had "S" accounts, and a few of us facbrats had "Z" accounts on the vast an aincent Xerox/Honeywell Sigma 9 computer which took up a room the size of the bridge on the Enterprise D. Our accounts we cherished with all our hearts. They allowed us to play the original colosal cave adventure game on aincent Anderson Jacobson AJ860 terminals which spewed reams of fanfold computer paper for each command. I typed letters to friends on the old card punch machine. It took a stack of cards to make a letter which had to be red one line per card. We had LiveJournal style communities back then too. We would whittle our afternoons away madly e-mailing each other with gossip, fantasies, flames, and profundities.
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