October 15th, 2004

crazy computer guy

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I HATE living in a society where everyone is presumed straight and lumped into the categories of boy and girl. I fucking hate it. Beyond all imagination.


I'm new here.

I'm coming here because I've lately begun to realize that I do not fit the gender roles persecribed to me by society. I find wearing skirts to be fun and I like the way I feel in them, and I am beginning to wonder if I might be trans (not just because of the skirt thing). I already have a semi-feminine appearance, and people who don't know me have called me ma'am, and at my mom's work people see the picture of me on her desk and say "you're daughter is so beautiful!"

I used to be ashamed of this but lately I've begun to feel proud of my androgyny. I like the fact that I can be both a handsome man and a pretty woman. As of right now, I identify myself (in terms of gender and sexuality) as a gay man, but hey, that's liable to change. I've recently begun to abandon strictly masculine pronouns, and when someone slips and says "she" by accident and then apoligizes, I say, "don't apoligize, either works for me."

I suppose I'm joining because I want a place where I can feel accepted as a gender-ambiguous person. School is all right; I've worn skirts a few times and mostly my friends are like "you look hot!" but apparently other people get "upset" by it. Why anyone would get upset by a guy wearing a skirt needs to get a life and find something worthwhile to get upset about.

Anyway, that's my spiel. I'm going to try to find some more gender-ambiguous-friendly communities.