October 8th, 2004

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Here we go ...

Four satirical statements appearing in the [Oregon] state Voters' Pamphlet have upset supporters of a ban on gay marriage.

One, submitted by the phony "Defense of Heterosexual Breeding Coalition" reads "The Bible states that marriage is for procreation," and adds that Oregon should bar homosexuals, infertile persons, men with vasectomies, and others from marrying.

Fred Neal, Voters' Pamphlet supervisor for the secretary of state, said such ballot argument pranks have happened before. His office can't yank such a statement unless it violates state law, which bans "obscene, profane and defamatory language" or words that "incite hatred, abuse or violence."

The pamphlet went out to all registered voters. (A bit more here.)

The actual voter's guide content is here -- Measure 36, Arguments in Favor. Reading the "legitimate" arguments should give you a sense of what (and who) we are up against in defeating this measure -- here and elsewhere.

yung jock boi 23/6/155 9x6 lokin 4 fun

I live in North-Eastern Ohio, a difficult place to navigate considering I grew up in NYC.
I've given up on meeting people through face to face personal interactions, and have resorted to using internet personals.
But the one site I ended up using most often for whatever reason actually has a LIMIT on the number of characters you are allowed to write in your profile. You can get in about 3 sentences. Clearly, this is not working.
As a result of my involvement in this particular website (www.outincleveland.com), I've been on my fair share of mind-numbingly bad dates. No one is ever as cute as their picture that was taken about 50 years ago and has been severely altered; they never have anything interesting to say, which I could have found out earlier had they been able (required) to write something in their profile, etc.

So, my question to you, postqueers, is this: Tell me a good personals site that I should use. Here's what I'm looking for:
A site where I don't have to pay. This is important. I'm a college student and in serious debt.
A site where people are at least allowed to, or even required to write something in their profiles.
A site where people spell out words like "night", "boy", and "How are you?"
A site where people either use punctuation sometimes or can distinguish between "you're" and "your" "there" "their" and "they're" [maybe that's asking too much...]
Basically, I don't want to be confronted with "hey im 26 yo boi from clev lokin 2 share pics n maybe hookup whats ur im"

I'm sure there's an -ism that can be applied to these criteria, but I don't care. I'm probably being classist or maybe just an asshole.

Anyway, if you've got any siggestions ::winks in the direction of epilady, who I miss and haven't spoken to in what seems like longer than forever:: please let me know.
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