October 4th, 2004


Book Discussion- Dorothy Allison

Suggestion: We use one of these three books for discussion. Many of us have probobly read them, if not, one really can't earn their queer membership card in good faith without having at least read one (imho), so how 'bout it kids? We could read them (the last 2 are short essay, the first longer novel), set a date during this gift-giving season...

I'd like to see the sharing of cookies & that the informed discussion stays on the text rather than generalized opinions formed from random personal experience...a challenge, yes?

...just suggestions....

Bastard Out of Carolina

Trash: Stories

Skin: Talking About Sex, Class & Literature
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Call for Art, Performance, Papers, and Workshops GenderQueer/QueerGenders x-post

**Please Distribute Widely**
Call for Art, Performance, Papers, and Workshops
Conversations Among Artists, Activists & Academics
University of California, Santa Barbara
February 11, 12, and 13, 2005

Submission deadline is October 15, 2004

GenderQueer/QueerGenders is a multidisciplinary, multimedia conference that will take place in Santa Barbara, CA, this coming February. It will be a forum for people who’ve been thinking about queerness and gender from different places (institutions, geographic locations, identities) and through different means (performance, scholarship, organizing, cultural politics, etc). The conference will bring together artists, scholars and activists as equal contributors to conduct workshops, exhibit and perform art, and present academic research. A priority of this conference is to reflect the diversity and complexity of gender expressions and the meanings gender has in different racial and cultural locations. To that end, we particularly encourage proposals by and for people of color, working-class people, and people with disabilities.
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For more details, please e-mail Karl Bryant keb2@UMAIL.UCSB.EDU

Braving the Streets Her Way

This is the first of a four part series running in the Washington Post this week.

Braving the Streets Her Way

By Anne Hull

The belt buckle says SEXY. The silk jersey says Denver Nuggets. Both are laid out on the bed as Felicia Holt stands at the ironing board, trying to press some perfection into her Friday night. Her T-shirt is fresh from the store package and goes on warm. Two dabs of Egyptian musk oil on the neck. Hair braided short like an NBA star. A do-rag carefully tied over her braids.

A voice rolls down the hall. "Felicia, is your room clean?"

"Yeah, Ma."

Felicia picks a cap from her vast collection on the dresser and stands in front of the mirror. With sleepy eyes and a smooth jaw, she cocks her chin with satisfaction. What stares back is the creamiest thug on the block.

To be a young lesbian from the trash-blown and violent streets of Newark takes a measure of imagination. Felicia uses a soapy toothbrush to buff her Timberlands, diligently and delicately, still believing that a Friday night can hold some wonder. She contemplates the splendor of Jersey Gardens mall until she remembers the weekend crowds on a city bus, everyone packed like sardines and breathing each others' necks.

"No seats," Felicia says, fastening her rainbow necklace. "I got a date, and I don't want her to stand."

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