September 28th, 2004

art auction/Kerry fundraiser/gay marriage

I did this painting on gay marriage and put it up for silent auction (with internet bidding) for a Kerry fundraiser-- a political art show in Kentucky. (Don't worry, I am not going to ask you to find Kentucky on a map or anything!).

Kentucky is one of those few ballot measure states, like Oregon, where voters can vote directly to amend the state constitution. And there is a measure to outlaw gay marriage on the ballot this November. There has been a bitter, ugly fight going on for some time now in the state House and Senate.

If you know any queers in the Bluegrass state, you might want to give them some love about now!

Here is the painting, and more info about it is behind the cut.

“Brides in solidarity”
oil on canvas
32” x 28”

The text on the bridal bouquet ribbon reads "brides in solidarity/that all lovers may marry"

The Kerry art fundraiser website/silent auction info is here:Collapse )

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