September 18th, 2004

  • angabel

gay rights article

Post a liberal, gay rights article on a conservative online journal?

Why of course.

It's sad that the main argument against homosexuality involves saying, "First they wanted to be tolerated... now they want to be accepted as if they were 'normal'..." It's such a radical stereotype and I always want to be involved in the conversation so I can go, "Oh, and you think what you do in bed is normal?"

Banish radicalism. Promote humanity.
  • netnerd

"Pets not Partners" Insurance Policies


WASHINGTON — The Human Rights Campaign today condemned Home Depot, Sprint, Ecolab and Waste Management — all Fortune 500 companies — for offering their employees pet insurance but not domestic partner health insurance.

“Paying for a parrot’s but not a person’s hospital stay is absurd,” said HRC President Cheryl Jacques. “This is no joke. Employees deserve better from these companies.”

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Book Club: The Time Draws Nigh!

It's nearly time to sink our teeth into Bert Archer's The End Of Gay (And The Death Of Heterosexuality)!

Some possible Points 2 Ponder (I'm posting them now since I had an all-day work obligation arise for tomorrow):

--Is "Gay" indeed dead, or dying? If so, do you believe that it is dead/dying for the same reasons that Archer proposes, or for other reasons?

--What did you think of the author's mini-history of the development of gay identity? What about his analysis of what came "after" gay? (i.e. after Part 2)

--Gay ended for Archer in 1991, and he pinpoints 1994 as being "to gay what 1956 is to straight," sort of a watershed of gay identity development in very public American media (i.e. TV). Do you agree with his assertions? What were you up to in 1991? Was gay alive or dead for you? What, if you were watching, did you see on American TV in 1994? What were your experiences of other types of media (non-American, non-TV) in 1994?

--Writing style: Entertaining or dismissive?; both, neither, or something else? How did the author's approach to this material affect your reading of it?

--What the fuck is UP with dude refusing to honor Patrick Califia's change of gender identity????
(Leading question...sorry.)

--Please feel free to add your own P2P.

--Chitinous (Interim Organizer)