September 10th, 2004

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I just left a comment at the bottom of an earlier post that I'd like to continue out here at the top of the page, so that we can generally discuss.

In the Postqueer user info, there is a big long great paragraph attesting to the fact that postqueer is a place for everyone, from "not at all gay" to "Left-handed fat-positive polysexual cat-owning transactivist vegan." And I have never seen anything in this community that would suggest otherwise. Yes, there have been heated debates -- some very heated, but I really believe that everyone here believes that there can be an infinite number of ways to be postqueer.

But when I read through the comments and posts, it is clear to me that the full spectrum of what we would like (or at least I would like) to think it means to be postqueer is not represented here. We all speak from our own unique position, but if the voices of this group were represented graphically, I would say there would be several clumps rather than an even spread of points. That is, that while we preach and believe in and are open to diversity, the actual diveristy of our population falls short of what we welcome.

I think it is important to call attention to this, and to take a moment as a group to discuss and understand what this means. Questions I have include:

  • Why does the diversity of positions represented in posts/comments fall short of the diversity we are open to as a group?

  • Is the affinity for such radical diversity/abhorance of identity politics actually specific to specific idenitites? (i.e. does the abhorance of identity politics actually operate within the world of identity politics)

  • In today's day and age, with queerness (or lgbt-ism, or whatever you want to call it) becoming increasingly visible in society at large, at least in first world (feel free to correct, and pardon my relative ignorance of queer affairs outside of the US and EU), does the notion of a general queer/lgbt community still hold ground?

I am not saying that the makeup of our community is good thing or a bad thing (insert bad lipstick pun here), but I think that it is a peculiar thing and certainly something that merits our attention, as it is our responsibility (in my opinion) to understand and be aware of the position from which we speak, and I don't think this has been brought up before.

Discuss away...

Money for sex

Oops! This looks like spam, but I'm not part of the Center & just thought people might be interested...I just watched a DVD reminding me how police states behead writers and I'm trying to promote anti - censorship spamming intended!

Check out the Center for Sex & Culture

"We'll be getting a schedule of events together shortly, and
those of you who already became members will have your memberships
extended because we didn't do much programming last year.  But
first: We need donations! If you have been thinking about supporting
the Center, *now is the time*! Tax-deductible donations can be sent
to CSC, 2215-R Market St #455, SF CA 94102. (We also hope to have
the paypal button* up again at asap.)"

*Never thought of getting a paypal account for my art work...Not like NEA is gonna cover the cost of rehearsal space so a little crippled queer girl can bounce around on stage with lusty ladies***...oops I lied, this does resemble spam**'ll be a bit before I get to a paypal creation, but I'd love help of any amount - all going to rehearsal space rental...and will of course do what I can to repay the favor - free seats (that's later)....public adoration

**...Oh well..."Jesus died for someone's sins but not for mine" (Patti Smith, later stolen by Billy Idol)

***actually since I'm seriously asking, I ought to be serious...I want to do my next piece on the relationship between White supremecy/KKK, lynchings & personal freedom - the freedom of everyone born to make personal choices. It's a bit odd as I haven't met collaborators that fit politically & artistically here in Iowa but...I'm certain white queer lesbian women will hate it the most...