September 6th, 2004

  • gramina

Queer? Post-Queer?

Hey there. *s*

*insert obligatory "I don't post here often but--" statement*

I guess everybody wants to have an "us" to belong to. Maybe some people want a really big one, and some people want a smaller one, but at least most folks seem more comfortable with some sort of "us."

I never was really sure of who my "us" should be -- I'm bi, but I've known for sure I was poly since before I knew for sure I was bi; and I've known I was kinky about as long, and I've never seemed to fit into anybody else's pre-determined "us." Which is probably one reason I like this community!

So --

I thought for a long time that "queer" meant only lesbian or gay, with bisexuals sorta counting because they weren't straight. It seemed like a very "not-that" kind of definition.

Moving to the west coast, though, I began to run into a more general use of the word to mean transgressive of cultural sexual/gender/etc. expectations. (Sorta like this essay by bearsir talks about, toward the end.)

I like that definition, obviously; but I also really *don't* want to rain on anybody's parade, coopt their hard-claimed identity, or any of that.

So.... What *does* queer mean? What does it mean to be post-queer?