September 2nd, 2004

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story about protesting RNC

I was cheering on ACT-UP's rousing actions in the Garden when someone sent me this quote. There is a blog called The American Street, and writer Rebecca Danner posted this about my group's uke protest:
"When I got to the staging area at 14th Street at 10 AM, there was a group of ukulele players singing folk songs, which really helped pass the time until the march started. There were two maintenance men from a local building on their smoke break standing outside a doorway mocking the singers and making fun of outrageous people who walked by. One of the men sounded Italian, I think the other guy was Haitian, and they were both 60-ish. They were chatting and laughing and it was very obvious that this was the most entertaining smoke break these guys had had in years. The ukulele players started playing “We Shall Overcome” and the Haitian guy got really serious. He put out his cigarette, took off his hat and placed it over his chest as if he was saying the Pledge, and started singing along very loudly. The Italian guy cracked a joke at some guy who walked by with a green mohawk and the other guy shushed him and solemnly finished the song. When it was over, he turned around and went into the building without a word."
freedom to marry

please spread the word!

The National Marriage Equality Express

Media Advisory 8-26-04

Gay Couples with Voided Marriage Licenses
Traveling to Marriage Equality Rally in Washington D.C.
Aboard the National Marriage Equality Express

Press Contacts:

Dr. Davina Kotulski
Caravan and Rally Coordinator
Marriage Equality California
(510) 332-0973

Molly McKay, Esq.
Associate Executive Director
Marriage Equality California
(510) 332-0872

From October 4-11, 2004, Marriage Equality California, a project of Equality California Institute, is spearheading a cross-country tour to Washington D.C. with 10 city stops to promote marriage equality.  Riders include same-sex couples with voided marriage licenses who have issued a national call to action in support of marriage equality.  They will meet up with local marriage activists in Sacramento, Reno, Laramie, Cheyenne, Denver, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Cincinatti, Columbus, and Pittsburgh. They will converge in Washington, D.C. on October 11th – National Coming Out Day with thousands of other marriage activists from all across the country to speak in support of marriage equality for same-sex couples and their children.

The National Marriage Equality Rally on October 11th 2004 will be held at the Upper Senate Park, one block from the U.S. Capitol from 11:00am to 4:00pm.  Confirmed speakers include Multnomah County, OR commissioner, Diane Lin, San Francisco, CA county recorder, Mabel Teng, Hawaii marriage plaintiff Genora Dancel, lead attorney in Vermont civil unions lawsuit Beth Robinson, first Canadian same-sex couple to be legally married, Joe Varnell and Kevin Bourassa, lead attorney in California marriage lawsuit National Center for Lesbian Rights’ Shannon Minter, Don’ director Robin Tyler, Southerns on New Ground and National Black Justice Coalition leader Mandy Carter, entertainers “Tuck and Patti” and many more.

"We have experienced government recognition of our marriages, if only briefly, by the City of San Francisco and have had a glimpse of what full citizenship might be like." said Davina Kotulski, Ph.D., author of Why You Should Give A Damn About Gay Marriage whose marriage was voided on August 12th. "Marriage has 1,138 federal rights and hundreds of state rights that are portable to all 50 states. Domestic partnerships have only 15 rights and are useless when we travel across state lines. We are Americans we should have the same rights as every other American and be free to live or travel in all 50 states without fear of our family ties being torn apart." 

"We are your children, your grandchildren, your grandmothers, your teachers, doctors, lawyers. We are bi-national couples, parents, federal employees, clergy members, and military veterans and we are coming to DC.  We are Americans living without legal protections," said Molly McKay, Associate Executive Director of Marriage Equality California. "Americ needs to hear our voices, our stories. This is not about a piece of paper or symbolism, this is about love and equality. We deserve the same rights and responsibilities as non-gay citizens."

"I want my daughter to be able to marry the person she loves. Her father and I want to be able to dance at her wedding, not at her domestic partnership notarization." Eve Lubalin, Mother of a Lesbian Daughter and PFLAG mom who will travel with her husband Jim, of 40 years on the Marriage Equality Express.

Several riders will be posting daily blogs and uploading digital pictures at website. A film crew will be doing daily live video feeds.  There are a very limited number of seats available for media on the bus.  (Riding for just one day on the bus is a possibility.)

Riders Aboard the National Marriage Caravan are available for interviews and include…Collapse )

Hero (the movie)

How was it? I'm no reviewer; I'd give it a good pruning and the story was a device to explore the mythic origins of the Nation (Chinese, in this case), which means probably many would find it unsatisfying. Thanks to my partner I am just enough up to speed on nationalism to find it fascinating. Some ~really~ good martial arts scenes, and endless eye candy.

It is possible to have too much eye candy. But I'll probably risk the sugar coma and see it again.

What really interested me were the variously-hued versions of the high femme warrior Falling/Flying Snow. From jealous, murderous and unspeakably, shamefully proud in red to resolutely calm and clear-eyed in blue, witchy muse in green, in white the saddest and most tragic... all the while standing in somehow for China's heart.

Maggie Cheung Man-Yuk is possibly more beautiful than Monica Belluci and I did not think such a thing could be. I saw her in "In the Mood for Love" when I was living in Berlin... my German was so bad at the time that I couldn't really follow the dialogue. Which gave me a couple hours to look, undistracted. It isn't entirely pleasurable to see someone that beautiful. I think it hurts.

I hope someone who writes about Femme and film will have a hard look at this movie; maybe someone has already done so and I don't know where to go to read.

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Outing is so.... [fill in the blank]

from Page Six:

September 2, 2004 -- DID the New York Times "out" Rep. Ed Schrock (R-Va.)? Schrock announced on Monday he wouldn't seek a third term. An Associated Press story the Times ran on page 12 Tuesday stated: "Reports that Mr. Schrock is gay had roiled the party since they were posted on a Web log on Aug. 19." The Times, like nearly every other news organization, has a policy against "outing" closeted gays. But Times spokesman Toby Usnik told us: "We don't know of any rule or policy that this violates. We did not do any reporting that resulted in outing anyone. Furthermore, the full stories about Rep. Schrock and his situation appeared on all the national news agency wires, reaching thousands of newspapers, starting at 10 o'clock Monday evening." Schrock, 63, a Vietnam veteran, cited unspecified "allegations" that "have called into question my ability to represent" his constituents. Gay activist Michael Rogers told reporters he outed Schrock on his because of the lawmaker's hypocrisy in opposing gay marriage. And Rogers promised more outings — not only of gays in congress and in the Bush administration, but also straights who've had extramarital affairs.
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