August 29th, 2004

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  • koaloha

Today's protest in NYC ramble

I was in a different part of the Anti-RNC march in NYC today than the Gay and Queer groups, so I missed the "kiss-in" in Times Square. I think the cops broke the kiss-in up.
I was interested in this:
From the NY Times, a clip re: Analysis of the March:
"On the empty floor of the Garden Sunday afternoon, Senator George Allen of Virginia, a stalwart of his party's conservative wing, gamely practiced his convention speech, competing genially with a troupe of convention performers who burst into songs from Broadway shows, including "Tonight" from "West Side Story," a collaboration by four gay men, New Yorkers - and Americans - all."

The Republicans were feted with the safer of the Broadway shows today (no "Avenue Q").
I was thinking about how queers (post queers and old queers) have influenced the entertainment industry, and how queer street culture and fashion is repackaged and sold back to the masses, much like black and latino street culture.
So much of the standard Broadway cannon was created by big fairy homos and diesel dyke designers...

Broadway show tunes are kind of out of fashion with younger queer scenesters. I sometimes wonder if there will be a queer or postqueer immediately identifiable set of songs or artists, a cannon--- that people will refer to in 20 years as the soundtrack of the 'aughts (2000-2010ish).