August 28th, 2004


fun with amazon

from bush_sucks:

Hey friends - here's an idea for you. Right now the number 1
seller on Amazon is "Unfit for Command" - the ridiculous
anti-Kerry book by the Bush campaign appendix "Swift Boat
Veterans for Truth". One of the authors already confessed he
didn't believe what he wrote.

So. Let's take advantage. The book Bush was reading when the
World Trade Towers were hit on 9/11 was Reading Mastery -
Level 2 Storybook 1 - the one with the Pet Goat story (ASIN
# 0026863553). You can copy that number into the Unfit for
Command page as a "recommendation INSTEAD OF this book".


1. Go to
2. Scroll down and find the "Other Customer's Advice"
3. Click "Our Customers Advice".
4. Paste in this number: 0026863553 and choose the
"instead of" option.
5. Check back and watch the number rise. (Check out the
funny reviews of this book, while you're at it. The earliest
ones are better than the later ones.)

Let's leverage the popularity of this listing to remind
people who is REALLY unfit for command!


Go. Do. And copy this post and share *everywhere*.

go go go!
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