August 26th, 2004

  • koaloha

From America Blog....

From John at America Blog:

Yes, ClearChannel radio is promoting a Straight Pride parade in the wonderfully tolerant south. Isn't that cute? Wonder how they feel about White Pride? Perhaps it's time to file an FCC complaint against this station. Or at the very least, start calling their advetisers. I'd start with Kroger, Pantene, and Time Warner Cable who have ads on the station's Web site. Anyone want to volunteer to find contact info for those companies (I often check press releases on their Web sites, the media staff often puts their phone and email on the releases).

This is the man in charge of advertising - might want to let her know that you'll be calling their advertisers:

And this is the staff running the station:

You can email all of them at once here.

Or email them individually:

Station Main Phone: 919.878.1500

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