August 22nd, 2004

The Moynihan Report and today's NYTimes Mag...

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I'm flagrantly violating copyright law and pasting here under the cut the entire text of today's New York Times Magazine cover story on welfare-to-work. I haven't really processed my reaction to it quite yet, but it seemed to me that folks on here who don't get the Times regularly would be interested in it. The promotion of fatherhood to the underclass (which is tacitly raced as African-American) is something which really creeps me out, as often does the need to "put a face" on public policy issues by profiling individuals/families--because it usually involves a reporting dynamic of faux-objectively making a show of the subject's "lifestyle" to the (tacitly assumed to be white and/or non-working-class) reader. But beyond being creeped out I'm having a really hard time articulating. There is a lot here that is genuinely moving but I guess basically I really don't like the moving stuff being used to make/break public policy arguments.

Anyone have any more cogent thoughts?

(You can also get the entire article on and accompanying photos, which are worth seeing/analyzing too--but they make you pay for them after a week or so.)

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