August 16th, 2004

Ya don't say
  • epilady

Folsom Street Fair, Postqueer Style

All right, this is a preliminary heads-up!

So we are attending Folsom Street this year, and would love to put together a postqueer posse. For various reasons of irony, protest, and spectacle that should be self-explanatory to the high femmes in the audience, I strongly feel our theme should be Pink and Fluffy. Ponder the sheer spectacle of a few dozen assorted genders, sexualities, and body types wandering the aisles of dour black latigo waving fluffy marabou fans and glowing like a giant pink bonbon in the late September sun. Giggle at the thoroughly satisfying thought of boys, girls, and others winking a knowing false lash at a scandalized uniform fetishist. Share my vision of forcing all those cranky old-school leather types (you know at least a few of them, I am sure) to acknowledge the actual existence of alternative fabric fetishes and even - *gasp* - kinky femmes!

Yes, even you chest-beatin'/manly/butch/dude/masculine/guy-identified types can totally rock this theme and show chivalrous support for your femme compatriots, but if it's all just too much to contemplate, I'll give you points for baby blue, lavender, or white. Lack the ironic chutzpah to pull off postqueer pastels? We'd still love to see you, hon.

Who's game...and darling, whatever will you be wearing???

Like, totally crossposted, Ohmigawd!
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