August 13th, 2004


down low

village voice article about "the down low" :

im pretty sure someone in this forum was discussing this issue -- from the above perspective -- not too long ago.

in a few hours im going to go meet and interview JL King, author of "On the Down Low" which i have unfortunately not read (he just gave notice he was in town) but i do know it comes from the perspective of, black men need to stop giving their women HIV (although im sure it's not that simplistic and hopefully not that condescending).

i have been following the dialogue around this issue for a couple years now and it always seems framed as racism vs. responsibilty, and as i am an outsider to the communities (black as well as Men-who-sleep-with-Men, really) , im not all that in tune to the --story that might be within the story -- or the nuances of all the sides.

i'd be interested in some guidance as to what to ask . . i'm definitely coming from more of the 'village voice' article mindset (racism, etc) but is there something in particular about this 'down low' issue that has *NOT* yet been asked or really delved into? something you want to see explored on a more meaningful level ?