August 9th, 2004

Just FYI

I restored the comments to the controversial thread below, but I froze all of the replies. So, if you wanted to know what was said, now you can look. But hopefully other than morbid curiousity we can move on past that trainwreck now.

(no subject)

So what worked and what didn't work about the aforementioned conversation?

I personally thought some challenging ideas were exchanged.

I also thought that in some instances folks were pretty reluctant to challenge their own assumptions, or put their assumptions aside for a minute to truly reflect on what was being said to them.

It was my instinct, for example, to jump in and say something like: "Why all of a sudden are we going on and on about "femme" laziness?" Because that hit me on a personal level. But that's not a very effective question, really.

A more effective question is: based upon the original question that started all of these threads - what, do you think, facilitated the leap to the gendered nature of the debate?

How do/should we think about gender and it's relationship to work?

Of course not all queers share the same views about class or race, or gender, etc.

In which ways do our own privilege or lack thereof color our world views?

I don't mean to beat a dead horse here, but I think this is an opportunity for some good work to be done.