August 6th, 2004

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Since my question was deleted from the thread below, I'll ask again here:

Does "oppression" mean something? And if it doesn't, why not, and why discuss it? Are we supposed to pretend that every single person gets to enter the game with the same amount of points for and against them, and if they don't "win" it's their own fault? Is acknowledging disadvantage old fashioned and passe now?

Yeah, the questions are a little bit loaded. I'm pissed off, for obvious reasons, about the mocking of some boi or "bwah" as they keep saying, below. I would hope that no matter how "ovah it" we all are about "oppression olympics" or however real problems are being dismissed this season, that this is not seen as OK.

NOTE: Due to the out-of-control arguing, I disabled comments for this post. Sorry to have to take such measures, but after 100-some comments, I think enough was enough.

Just a reminder...

...for everyone to please go and re-read the community rules. For the most part, this has been a most interesting and respectful -if quite heated- debate. But I'm seeing a few instances which are veering mighty close to violating the "no personal attacks" AND the "use your I statements" terms o'use.

I'd like to politely ask everyone who thinks their replies might be on the inappropriate side of the line in the sand to please consider
A.) taking a short break from the discussion to cool down, and/or
B.) deleting any instances of personal attack/insult.

Thank you. chestertodd and I are in Boca right now and not really online till Sunday, so please play nice and keep this community a truly unique space to discuss hot-topic ideas without mad-ass flame wars.

Don't make me turn this car around...

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never mind.

ive just been told mercury entered into retrograde today which would explain these "twilight zone" conversations im having.

i'll re-post the "when did it become ok for queers to generalize about each other" and "when did the queer identity change" conversation later....because i do want to have it, but not on the heels of madness.
old days

moderation, as it were...

my inclination is to delete the post and ensuing conversations from today. from what i've read, i feel there are far too many personal attacks and issues being thrown about.

however, conversation is good, and we all do learn from things, so i ask y'all what you think. do i leave the posts surrounding this issue up as instructive? or do i delete? so, since we are a paid community, i've put up this poll. vote away. i will take action on whatever is decided first thing tomorrow AM (to get all time zones in we can).

Poll #332208 True Democracy

Should I delete the post and related discussions from today?


Additional comments (not-subject related!)

from boca, your moderator, ct