July 26th, 2004


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I am part of the field effort across the state to defeat this hateful amendment. I thought I would invite you to look at the various opportunities we have for you to help. Whether you are interested in a leadership role as part of the NE Ohio regional team or perhaps a less time consuming way to contribute, we have a broad spectrum of opportunity.

Certainly we will be canvassing, making phone calls and doing mailings.... But the attached document describes specific team/leadership roles that I hope to begin to fill in the various regions around the state. It seems to work best if I send the attached document that describes various activities that we will need help with as part of the regional teams... then we can talk personally about what you might like to do. Please look them over and see if any of these roles appeal to you...

If you are a very busy person, there are three things you can do for sure without involving too much of your time.
1. Vote NO when this measure appears on the ballot.

2.Talk to your family, friends and neighbors about why this proposed amendment is bad for you. It is very difficult to vote against people you love and respect when they understand the issue... make sure they know the facts, visit our website often to keep up to date on the most current developments and to learn about talking points that help you have these kinds of conversations. www.opcpac.com

3.Contribute! Being successful in an Ohio statewide campaign can be very expensive with 8 distinctly different media markets in our state, the cost to defeat these guys can easily run into the millions... $10-20-50-100 or more would be great!

I look forward to hearing back from you.

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take action!

This week, a cover story in the Independent Weekly, exposed our state's
shocking lack of policies for addressing the needs of transgender teens
in public institutions. The story documents the story of Joey Wade, a
15-year-old transgender youth whose path through the state's juvenile
justice and mental health institutions reveals that our state agencies
have no idea how to handle transgender citizens.

Please, take a moment to read the story by Equality NC member Randall
Williams online at http://indyweek.com/durham/current/news.html

Then, take a moment to let our state officials know that they need to
put policies in place that ensure that transgender teens are safe and
treated with respect by state agencies. Governor Mike Easley, Secretary
of Health and Human Services Carmen Hooker Odom, and Secretary of
Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention George Sweat need to hear
Joey's story.

Take action online at: http://www.equalitync.org/actioncenter/

Thanks in advance,

Ian Palmquist
Executive Director-Programs
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