July 22nd, 2004


So I've been meaning to write and just say hello to the postqueers but I haven't yet. I have posted on a couple of threads though.

Anyway, hello, I'm very glad to be here, finding lots to think about and respond to. And for those of you who have been to some of epilady and chestertodd's gatherings we may have already met so say hi--my name's Amy and I'm having trouble getting real pics of myself that aren't too big for LJ but I'll have one eventually.
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TS/TG orgasm

A call for assistance: I am in the midst of finalizing edits on a history of orgasm, and one of the points the author makes is that it's impossible to compare male and female orgasm because no one has ever experienced both. The TS/TG factor complicates that assertion considerably. And obviously the answer to that would differ for FTM/MTF and the extent of one's hormone-taking/surgery, I'd assume.

Can anyone refer me to any writings on TS/TG sexuality that might address how the experience of orgasm changes with transition? I don't have room for an extensive rewriting, but would like to ask him to include a tidbit that would lead curious people to question things and maybe lead them to read more on the topic.

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(no subject)

hey my name is Tiffany and im trying to get the message out about the proposed amendment to the ohio state constitution to ban gay marriage and define marriage as a union between  a man and a woman.  this movement  has been spreading across the state and is trying to be up vote in November please help spread the word about this hatefilled movement and help us protect the rights of all ohioans...


here are the links to the sites:

go to the pro-amendment site to see what they have been up to


to the site attempting to rally against this. to see how you can help. 

here is my email also  write me if you want any info or for ways to help.