July 19th, 2004

more on micah painter

interested in helping Micah or updates on his case?
goto: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MicahPainterBenefit/

SEATTLE – A Seattle man says he was beaten during this weekend's Gay Pride celebration because he is gay.

Micah Painter says he was targeted because of his sexual preference.
"They're hitting me in the face, bottle in my left shoulder," he said.

Painter said he was targeted by three men and two women early Sunday morning just outside Timberline Bar in Seattle.

The 23-year-old man claims he was savagely attacked by the men because he is gay...Collapse )

SEATTLE - The Seattle-area gay and lesbian community turned out Sunday to voice their anger about what happened to Micah Painter.

Just two weeks ago, Painter was bruised and battered and barely able to move without excruciating pain.

He says during gay pride weekend, he was out with friends at Timberline Spirits, a gay bar near Capitol Hill.

Taking a break outside, painter says a truck carrying three men and two women drove by.

"All of a sudden one of them jumped out and had a broken bottle and he said. I have just one question. Are you gay," said Painter.

Painter answered yes. What happened next, the 23-year-old says, is something he will never forget...Collapse )

SEATTLE - Hundreds of people came out Sunday for a rally and march to make a statement against hate crimes.

The rally was inspired by an attack on Micah Painter, an openly gay man. A few weeks ago he was attacked by three men and severely beaten in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.

A group of supporters marched for Micah from downtown Seattle to Capitol Hill. They were trying to call attention to hate crimes.

Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske says there's no doubt the attack on Micah was a hate crime.Collapse )

SEATTLE - Thugs and bullies.

That's how Seattle Police describe two men arrested for beating a gay man.

Micah Painter is still recovering from the brutal attack. He was slashed with a broken bottle, kicked and punched, left bloody outside a Capitol Hill nightclub -- after acknowledging that he is gay.

Seattle's Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske says it was clearly a hate crime.

"We have a message this morning. There's a clear message that comes as a result of this that this community, Seattle, has zero tolerance for hate crimes," he says.

Two men from Bellingham are under arrest. Police there know 20-year-old Vadim Samusenko and 19-year-old David Kravchenko well.Collapse )

anti-bush/PRO KERRY slogans needed?

My friend Ted's mom and bf are working on the Kerry campaign in Ohio, a very (electorally) swingin' state... Suggestions? Profanity, while amusing, probably won't get used, but may improve morale. What he's collected so far are at bible.gideonse.com where you may also submit yours, or reply to me.
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duh. i knew i had something else to post.

for postqueers in NYC, who can hang with going out on tuesday, an event tomorrow. the subject of the doc is my friend and he really, really is the cutest boy in brooklyn. or one of 'em. maybe he's even on postqueer, i haven't asked him.

reposted from snapshotnyc.com:



"cutest boy in brooklyn" documentary premiere

An exclusive look at a highly anticipated documentary
by Dominika Ksel that follows the life of a queer FtM in NYC, his friendships, conversations about 'coming out', the struggle to obtain surgery and the ideals of masculinity.

The screening will begin at 8pm followed by special
guest dj L-train.
Get there early to secure your seat. Stick around after
the film to shake your ass...

artist> matty b

dj's> L-train
....> nasty
....> Daryl Raymond

221 2ND AVE

PS if anyone can tell me how to break this kind of post up and create a link so only interested parties have to cope with all the information, please do. thanks!
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