July 12th, 2004


Name: Stephanie

Address: email me for it

Username: toxic_stars

E-mail addy: static_bliss@hotmail.com

Birthday: 11.07.83

What kind of snacks, foods, & candies do you like? cheeze its, cheedar fries, sunchips, anything weird and unnormal. i'm amused easily

What do you like to do? write, read, hang out with friends, play online, fill out useless surveys, send letters, music, music, music

Do you collect anything? cds, notebooks, posters, hair stuff, rainbow-y things, zines, and many other weird random things

What are your favorite colors? neon blue, pink, purple, silver, black

What are your favorite scents? vanilia, patchouli, cinnomin, ginger

What's your favorite music? (anything in the book) except country. I've been on a german, russian, janapan hiphop kick for a while, i love non-american music, espically german and middle eastern (indian, arabic, ect ect)

How long is your hair? to short to put up in a pony tail (alix olson short)

What size shirts do you wear? 3x (thanks to mother nature)

Top five favorite stores? thirft stores, random funky shops...

Any piercings/jewelry? just my ears for now, but i will have my tongue, eye brow and lebret done, and i'm a jewlery whore, but gold is yuckie

What are your favorite accessories? anything i can get my hands on, the more i have the happier i am =)

What are your favorite movies? slc punk, you got mail, (anything Sandra Bullock) has done, chasing amy, kevin smith films in general....

What are your favorite TV shows? family guy, simpsons, law and order svu, on air

Who are your favorite authors? i don't have one, i'll learn anything i can get my hands on

Gold or Silver? SILVER!

Additional Comments: I'm just a weird crazy chic, that has to much time on her hands, i love penpalling, and want only SERIOUS people to write me, it's so heart-breaking when you write someone and then forget about you - I know some people are busy, but six months? lame