June 29th, 2004


intro and invite

Hello, All. I'm Eric, a female-bodied person living socially as male in Southern California. I work in LGBT student services. (For those who care, I am on testosterone.) Aside from making the world a little friendlier to differently gendered people, I'm also interested in metaphysics.

I'm involved in a project to help make university student housing a more pleasant experience for people whose gender expression is different from what's typically expected.
Right now, we're looking for accounts of gender variant students who are or have been in housing. Partners and/or advocates are also welcome to write what they observed of a gender variant student in university housing. The example story that I've included is my own, by the way. Cheers.

Subj: Call for Trans Students in Housing Narratives

∑ Below is an invitation to share experiences of trans students in Housing
∑ Submissions may be written by trans students or their advocates
∑ Seeking responses by July 7
∑ Email responses to Chad Wilson at chad@campuspride.net.
∑ Please read further details below

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