May 24th, 2004


Do X-queers exist?

Has anyone made huge leaps in who they've dated/slept with/partnered up with after any initial coming out?

How did that change/effect your gender, your idenity?

I'm pretty much wired for monogamy with high femmes/semi-straight women, but I get along with straight men & it's like 98% easier on the emotions for me (not a comment on femmes, a comment on me)

But I haven't had sex with a guy in 14 years, never dated them. But I'm wondering if I'm reluctant to date them because this whole cultural thing about I must be hetero & crave Brad Pitt's dick

I can't stand most straight women either & certainily don't want to be in any catagories with them (although there's lots of cool one's - the dumb one's seem to be the loudest)

+ what about a lifetime of family shite for being out & queer, what about all the political/personal work...does that just disappear? Will people say I'm "really" straight?

I assume if I was seeing guys I'd still be mongomous (just the way I am emotionally) & I'm not into pile-ups ...But it's not like I'm not going to stop drooling over high femmes...

LOL...this sounds like a personal ad for straight men paid for by the AFA lol but I'm really wondering...I've never known any "x-queers"