May 20th, 2004

hot chick

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Oh yeah....
So, my boi referred to the two of us as a dyke (me) and a fag (him) getting it on.... LOL
Who would ever have thought that of me.
(And for those who are out of the loop, I've considered myself bi for ~8 years but just started sleeping with women, (S)he is biologically a woman, but is transgendered and considers herself a bi but almost gay man). Yeah.

That would be fun to bring up when coming out to my parents this week (tomorrow?? I don't know...there are factors to consider.)

Who's your Honey?

If you could choose a famous person to marry who would it be & why?

(age, gender, preference, living, dead: irrelevant)


have a wild fling with

I wanna marry Yoko Ono, so we can be in bed together on a record cover...for world peace. And I think she's a great artist, "Yes".

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