May 18th, 2004

Nike the Plusle

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Why are we gay? I am sure many of you have thought of this and have asked before, but this question has been comming up these days. It has been hard being in the state where the first legal marriages of homosexual couples occur. It is even more difficult to be in this state and at the same time, be a part of a family who mocks the very idea of same-sex marriages. I am a Christian. I believe in Christ. I want to fallow him. I in no way want to give him any disrespect. Why sould someone then asume I am doing this against him and against Heaven? IT really burns me up and gets me depressed...I want to obey his law. so it makes me wish I could just fall in love with a man and finally get married, and get this over mom says it is just a faze, and at this point, I hope it is...I am not really gay. I just think I am...
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