May 15th, 2004

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I had a great time last night.

Went to Studio to party it up. Danced with friends and strangers alike and got all kinds of free goodies. It was Courtney's last night in town, and since she's so hot, and I apparently looked like a sucker (oh well...) she traded me kisses for beer. Lemme tell you, those were the hottest kisses I ever got for beer, ever! She kissed, I bought the beer. She must know I've wanted her since day one. Oh well, she's on a plane back to VA. All hope is not lost, she lives in a town near my sister. So, if I ever go visit S. again, I think a visit to Courtney is in order.

At closing time some theater buds showed up in Studio. Not so much buds as people that I don't really like so much when they're sober. Turns out they're fun drunks. They invited me to "the after-party". All I was going to do was go home frustrated, so I agreed to go. They bought a case of beer which we shared on the way to the party, and I chatted much with some guy named Jesse. Truly a nice guy. I told him I was a lesbian which I think just breaks down some barriers instantly (none of that Oh, the fat girl's gonnna try and get me, I gotta run stuff).

So we get to the party and it's a house and frontyard and backyard full of strangers. Every last one of them strangers. Which is cool but a little weird. I'm used to knowing someone everywhere I go. Better get used to the stranger thing! I make my way thru the house chatting with people, and at some point I ended up pumping the keg, and Jesse was pouring. It's been a long time since I was in that position.

It was fun, I got to talk to everyone. Jesse and I were having a fun time and I decided to continue the fun by requiring that people kiss either Jesse or I for a beer. (They'd already paid for the cups, and we didn't buy the beer, so we had nothing to lose). Well Jesse didn't really care for strangers kissing him, so encouraged people to kiss me. Most people went for me anyways.

I was kissed by everyone in the place! There were at least 100 people there. What fun. I accepted all kinds of kisses. One guy was all flirty and darty and ended up passionatley getting me on my ear which was really awesome. Lots of pecks on the cheek and some fishie-lip kisses. A lot of girls and one very gay man gave me tongue. A lot of tongue. More than once. Jesse and I stayed by the keg for about an hour and it was great. I've never been kissed so much, ever. I met quite a few people and found the couch o' lesbians and chatted with them. It turns out they know my boifriend. One of them was quite cute but high on cocaine and I didn't want to touch that situation. I danced with some fun girls to oldies and then one of the good kissers decided to sit on my lap and give me another kiss, for no reason. The lesbian couch caught all the action, I hope they don't tell. I am innocent! What can I do when a beautiful girl sits on my lap and decides to kiss me?

Well, it was a fun night. I came home with a Guinness pint glass pilfered from the hosts. Got home at 5am and slept very well.

Now I'm off to Carver to watch Nathan walk in graduation. Then back home to clean up and cook for later. At 2pm I have to be at the theater for theatre graduation. Home again, and I have a party arriving at 8pm. Prom starts at 10pm, goes until 1am.

Can't wait to meet Nathan's family and best friend Mike. It's the first time I'm meeting a girlfriend's parent. A little nervous but I'll be good.

Tonight is going to be awesome! Yay, theatre prom! Robin's coming too, yay! She's my unofficial date. My third and final date.
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