May 14th, 2004


Post-queer = post-race = post-victim thinking

So, do we need to stay in our boxes? Or our cages and coffins rather.


Is it possible for a white person to speak about race(s) (race relations) that is not their own from an "I" point of view and not be speaking "for" people of color AND be an effective activist against racism/prejuidice? Why? Why not?

Is it possible for people of any color to be effective anti-racist activists without ever saying something that at least one other anti-racist activist didn't agree with? Anyone think "issues" & differences might be solved a bit faster if we allowed people (who aren't experts like US) to make "mistakes"?

How do you indicate to people of color that you are an ally? (Or how do you indicate this to people of any stigmatized diffence). If you don't, how do they know you are an ally?

ok, I'll take the bug out of my ass - enjoy your weekend everybody!

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Should white people only think about 'white issues' such as globalization, emotions, sexuality, economics? Are hetero people allowed to discuss 'queer issues' such as constructing gender & not liking the traditional "rules"? What will happen if people of color talk about 'white issues'? What will happen if white people start talking about 'people of color issues'? What if people talked more about intimacy & sexuality regardless of their preference or gender?

I'm posting this article here, although it has nothing to do with sexuality (this one time) because I'd like to see more white people in queer/post-queer communities talking about 'people of color issues'.

I'll get off my soapbox about how it sucks that people have limited their own thinking by protecting these strict divisive catagories but I will say, I don't want to hear anyone talking about disability unless they've at least broken a few bones...because one's opinion can't be valid if you haven't had that particular experience. Or can it?

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Hey, Femmes...

As some of you know, I'm in the early phases of putting together an MA thesis on femme embodiment. I'm still figuring out my methodology, methods, etc... although I know my work will be critical, interdisciplinary, and self-reflexive.

Right now, I'm wondering what other femme folk think about their bodies. (I'm not doing any formal research, yet... just throwing out a few questions that--I hope--will enable me to formulate useful queries when the time comes to do my ethnographic work). So, a quick question or two....

How do you experience your body as a femme? How does race, class, ability, etc., etc. interplay with your embodied experience? How do (do you?) make your femme body legible (readable as femme)?


EDIT: I've also been thinking a lot about how embodied identities are constructed in space and time. Ideas and comments are welcomed!

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For those of you unaware of the nature of some of the anti-gay marriage protestors that will be showing up at the happy events about to occur, let me point you to this website so you may prepare yourselves for the extreme nature of some of the opponents to gay marriage:

This is the website of the Westboro Baptist Church, an extreme Baptist church based out of Topeka, KS. led by Rev. Fred Phelps. They travel around the country in their crusade against gays.

link to their general protest schedule:

link to PDF flyer about Cambridge, MA-specific protest:

I am confident that they (and, sadly, their small children) will be carrying the highly offensive signs shown in the flyer and other similarly offensive signs. Some of their signs in the past have included phrases like "Thank God for Spet. 11", "Hail Mary" (with one man bending another man over, mimicking a sexual position), and other such nonsense. Their signs are usually too graphic to show on the news, so I wanted to spread the word here.

Please go to their website so you can be an informed citizen when their vitriolic, systemic march of hatred arrives in the first state in the nation to legalize gay marriage.

Spread this post as wide as as far as you can.