May 9th, 2004

gender nuetral language

How does language effect/affect perceptions of gender/sexual idenity and expression of such (legally/socially as in same sex marriage, protection from violence for women & gays and individually as in acceptance of fashion, expression of trans/flexible sexuality)

As far as I know the split is basically btwn Western & Eastern languages

cassaclyzm wrote,

"The "perception" angle of things is a big thing for me. I like noodling with thoughts about how a society has come about the language that they have, and how both the perceptions of that people affect their language and how their language can affect their perception."

No, I'm not trying to open a racist can of worms! But any insights are welcome.
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Finding my way to femme

I know this isn't a femme-specific community, but since there are several femmes here with perspectives on their way of being that I appreciate, I'm asking for assistance from you the one way I know how. Please forgive me if this pushes any buttons for any of you. And I've looked at some of the femme-related communities on LJ and honestly felt as if this question would get a better hearing here. Too many of those were either insanely low-traffic or looked like personal ad communities.

At risk of sounding like a self-help book for the terminally stupid, I am in search of good resources for understanding femme as a source of power and self-empowerment. I've been using a soft butch motif as a form of hiding myself and hiding from myself for a long time, and it's been driven home to me recently that I need to stop. I need to accept the idea that putting my personal form of beauty on display in the way that suits it (that being more femme than I've been letting it be) isn't going to negate my strength. It's not the entire picture for me, but it's part of the whole.

So, help?
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Female characters...

I just got Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on Game Boy Advance. I already have the Game Cube version but now I have both. In the game cube version, you can only play some of the men. Not that there are many female characters. I was psyched to see I could play Eowin (the blond female who had a chush on Aragorn the king). I have been thinking of this. I wonder why I get excited with the idea of playing a female character. She is weaker, of cource, and she only looks different than the men. I wonder what is so segnificant about her being a thing is for sure though, I have always been like this. I was always excited to see females in movies and programs, although I didn't always apreciate the way they were portrayed...anyway, my question would be, why should this be segnificant?
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Personality or Politics? Commrades or "Crusify 'em"

Post-queer. So does that mean there is no longer a "team" of Gays and Lesbians? Was there ever one? Where are you on the vertical vs horizontal power axis? Do you support queers/post-queers just cuz? Is it, "hey, get out of the fricken way [regardless]? Somewhere in btwn?

ok. a flamboyantly post-queer stranger does something you don't like & wouldn't like anyone to do (low but annoying on the shit happens scale - eg, disagrees with you on a pet subject, does a fender scratch or has a pet peeve, eg. is chirpy & chatty at 8am & you have to go to work w/ a headache...whatever). A one time thing, nothing like repeatedly playing the stereo too loud, just a random quick incident. How do you react?

A. Be patient but direct as you would w/ anyone

B. Be patient but direct as they are a cool kid just like you.

C. Bitch slap them as you would w/ anyone

D. Publicly, be a political ally, but later be certain other queers know they deserve a bitch slap.

E. Share the cookies that you never leave home without.

F. Other

The Evil VA Legislature, WP Op-Ed...

Uncivil Disunion

Sunday, May 9, 2004; Page B06

IN THE GATHERING debate over gay marriage, some state legislatures have moved to ban it, others to create civil unions or domestic partnerships. Then there's the Virginia General Assembly, which last month -- brushing aside proposed amendments from Gov. Mark R. Warner (D) -- passed with veto-proof majorities a jaw-dropping bill that bans not only civil unions but any "partnership contract or other arrangement between persons of the same sex purporting to bestow the privileges or obligations of marriage." And it declares "void in all respects" and "unenforceable" in the commonwealth any such arrangement made in another state.

In other words, not only is any public affirmation of gay relationships banned but even private legal arrangements between two people who love each other are prohibited. The bill's broad language would preclude contracts to share assets or provide for medical powers of attorney, and though its sponsors deny they intend to do so, it would seem to ban even certain contractual business relationships undertaken by people who happen to be of the same gender.
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rek 2007

gender neutral...

So, I've had mixed feelings about gender-neutral pronouns for a while. Does it make sense to create language to describe something? How important are words? Can words really convey identity anyway? The end result has been that I use them if someone requests them, but otherwise, I stick to more conventional pronouns for folk who like those, or the much-debated-about-grammatical-correctness "they" for folk I don't know.

But suddenly, I've found myself wanting more! What's a gender-neutral way to address someone in the first person? Specific example: I'm writing a cover letter to someone who cannot be described as "Professor" "Doctor" or "Queen". Sometimes, I'll guiltily make a gender assumption based on name to come up with a "Mr" or "Ms". Other times, there's no specific person I'm addressing, so I can stick with the completely neutral "To Whom It May Concern". What if here's a name that isn't conventionally gendered, but you want something more personal as a greeting? What then?