May 2nd, 2004

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I'm a performer and educator; I do work about queer and trans issues. Mostly going to colleges, performing my show, talking to classes, talking to health and res life staff and generally trying to explain to everyone what it's like to be queer, tranny or both and how to make University of Whatsis a nicer place for GLBTQ people. I'm pretty good at it, or at least that's what the students, faculty and staff tell me.

Some schools have money for this. Some don't. The "don'ts" are usually the ones who need it most, and they call and break my heart telling me about bad evil homophobic crap that goes on, and ask me to come out and teach for free. Which I would *love* to do. But I can't afford to drive or fly myself to wherever it is and pay my own expenses to do it. I had to turn away 17 such requests last year. Which I hated. Especially thinking about the kids it left in the lurch.

This year - having got non-profit sponsorship - I am asking for money, so I can afford to travel and make it suck incrementally less to be queer or trans at Asspants College, or wherever. All completely tax-deductible, overseen by The Fund For Women Artists, who will make sure I don't spend your money on grape Crush and sex toys. You can donate online or by check, once or over time. Seriously? Every little bit helps.

Here's the info, my resume, the festively orange "Support This Artist's Work" button, and so on. Thanks for whatever you can manage: cash, good wishes, cookies, whatever. Love you for it. Please, oh please don't forget to type "Bear" into the earmarking box, so the money goes to my project and not the general fund.

[a longer, more detailed but also more boring, version of the same request.]