April 27th, 2004

Plead the FIF!

Regarding my last post:

I asked the question:

What is the difference between someone who identifies as a bisexual polyamorus highly sexually active person and someone who is simply a slut?

I'd like to say I was not making any moral judgements on anyone's lifestyle. I recieved a few nasty IMs that seem to believe differently. My point was people create labels to identify themselves. If I don't know any better and I see two people that appear to be living the same lifestyle yet have two different labels I might believe these labels are interchangable. But there is a world of difference between terms like "homosexual" and "bisexual" so seeing two males kissing doesn't mean you can peg that relationship.

I think it seems more of a step forward to candidly ask someone if you have questions because at some level people need to define things to understand them better. One of the ways to teach people acceptance is to explain things in plain english. Personally I believe GBLTQ people shouldn't be offended when asked candid questions such as the above because how else will others begin to understand if no one tell them. And how else can people feel free to ask questions if they feel the need to constantly remain politically correct?

This is the answer I'm going to present if the question arises again and if any poly individuals (or self proclaimed sluts :P) would like to edit this, feel free:

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