April 25th, 2004

I do say...


Okay, postqueerians, (postqueeralites? postqueerinati?)

Consider this an official "What tha heck is up with tha whole NYC Pride Thang?" post, m'kay?

It seems to me that ages and ages ago epilady made a mention of it, and now that the time to book vacation is nigh... well, y'all know what I mean.

Stuff to maybe brainstorm about:

- crash space and/or cheap lodgings for us Poor Wary Travelers?
- what things MUST we absolutely, positively do whilst in each others' marvelous company? (Pride related or no)
- maybe tips on traveling to NYC for us Backward Hicks from Up North and Yonder?

(And I hope I can find somebody (or multiple somebodies) to cling to and/or follow around, because I'm sure to get lost among the Big Tall Buildings if I do this crazy thing by myself, ya know.)
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I never thought I would jump on the gay marriage bandwagon, but...

Living in North Carolina, denial of marriage legislation in VA is getting a little too close for comfort, and I know that in North Carolina a R delegate from outside of Charlotte is going to try to pass a similar bill the minute the session resumes.

Stolen from kiteherb
VA just passed a law (by a 2/3 vote in both houses) that denies to gay couples not only marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships, but even the right to *contract* for any rights/responsibilities included in marriage. That includes the right to make health care decisions, visit one's partner in the hospital, execute a will, arrange custody agreements, and tons of other things. This is most anti-gay statute currently on the books in any state.

Read more here.

I plan to write HRC and suggest they start a massive tourism boycott campaign, like the NAACP did in SC over the confederate flag. This is really awful.

My email to VAinfo@helloinc.com:

I'm writing to let you know that I am extremely disappointed in VA for passing the most anti-gay statute in the country, which forbids gay couples to even contract for any rights included in marriage--this includes the rights to make healthcare decisions, execute a will, make custody agreements, among many others.
As an engaged-to-be-married lesbian, I find the slogan "VA is for lovers" to be downright ironic. As my partner and I would not feel comfortable supporting a state that is so openly hostile to us, we will be boycotting VA tourism, and encouraging all our friends and family to do the same.
Please contact your representatives and urge them to repeal this hostile and unconstitutional law before the Supreme Court does it for them. (See Romer v. Evans--"If the constitutional conception of 'equal protection of the laws' means anything, it must at the very least mean that a bare desire to harm a politically unpopular group cannot constitute a legitimate governmental interest.")

Email addresses for Virginia Senators and Delegates: