April 20th, 2004


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Hey All!

Check out this summer camp I worked at last year (and am working at again) as an end of summer two week job. Here's the call out from the Executive Director

Mountain Meadow is currently accepting camper and staff applications for its August 2004 Summer Camp Program! The Summer Camp Program is a two-week long sleepover camp for children and teenagers with
lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer parents, as well as LGBTQ youth and youth from other non-traditional or progressive families.

Mountain Meadow seeks counselors, kitchen staff, lifeguards, art instructors, and medical staff. Applicants should be energetic, self-motivated, possess the ability to work collectively in a team, and have experience with children or teenagers. Staff members must be LGBTQ positive and embrace anti-oppression values. Mountain Meadow values a staff that is representative of our campers and composed of individuals diverse in age, race, sexual orientation and gender identification. People of color, adults from LGBTQ families, and transgender identified individuals are strongly encouraged to apply.

Mountain Meadow will be held at a fully equipped campground in southern New Jersey from August 11-29th (includes staff training). All staff members work as volunteers, but receive a stipend of $500 for their expenses and efforts. In addition, staff members enjoy the unique opportunity of living and playing in an open, respectful community while making a positive impact on the lives of young people from non-traditional families. The deadline to apply to work at Mountain Meadow is April 15th. Although the deadline has passed we're still looking for staff, especially staff of queer families and people of colour. If this is something you're interested in apply! It's a truly awesome place to work.

For more information about being a camper or staff member at Mountain Meadow, or to fill out an application, please visit our website at www.mountainmeadow.org. If you are unable to use the electronic application or if you have questions please call us at 215-772-1107. We will be happy to send you a paper application by mail.

Pass this along to people you think may be interested.

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