April 5th, 2004


Did you get married in SF?

Forwarded to me by a coworker:

Did you get married in SF? Please contact MECA for a project they are

I'm volunteering for Marriage Equality California (MECA), and I'm compiling
a database of the non-heterosexual couples who married in San Francisco
between 2/12 and 3/11 so that we can have their contact information
available to NCLR and ACLU for potential litigation, as well as keeping
them informed of what MECA is doing to get us closer to marriage equality.

We're asking for email addresses in particular, but also for home addresses
and telephone numbers - whatever folks are comfortable with.

If at all possible, would you be able to forward this message widely
through your network(s) and ask folks to contact me (via email at
karesf@aol.com) with their info if they feel comfortable doing so?


Crossposted, as one might imagine...
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