April 3rd, 2004


The mod has spoken!

And I think he's talkin' some serious sense.

Here's the plan:

* 2 informal but definitely organized gatherings - NYC Pride weekend (June 25-27) and SF Folsom Street Fair (September 26-28). We'll arrange for organized events and specified places for PQ folks to meet - watch for updates. Naturally, non-LJ postqueer people are also encouraged to attend! But as far as I can make out from the poll, the wearing of tiaras, the eating of cookies, and the massive trans-preference flirting appear to be mandatory at all events. Especially the flirting part, you fiends!

* A for real postqueer conference in Las Vegas in early 2005. Anyone who wants to donate resources, suggest workshops or panels, tell us about a crazy hotel, be a speaker, offer voluntarism, or plain old help epilady arrange a ballroom masquerade, please let us know!
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c'est moi

forgive my exhaustion...

i've so been on the road... it was 72 in boulder yesterday. :)

at any rate, as M says, i'm all for the summer/fall plan and i think we can commit to being in both places around those dates.

i will be putting out a more formal (or even semi-formal) request for presentations, panels, workshops, talks, readings, salons, cocktail parties, orgies, play parties, circuses, and all those other exciting things that go along with the conference construct.

we need to start our planning this summer. deadlines will be in the fall, and then the hooplah can rollout in the most cost-effective spot for all.

in the short-term, our dearest epilady is struggling for a theme to address the whole costume issue. shoot her your thots. my contribution are as follows:

gay pride summer = the love boat (cruise ship paradise)
folsom st. fair = dark literature (however you imagine that to be)

eh, just thots, please submit more so we can put up a poll and get a consensus.

(ps. i've been out of normal post mode due to several side work things, my karate promotion, and family health stuff. i'm hoping to get back in the swing now.)

cheers, ct
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