April 2nd, 2004

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Hi all. I'm doing a school project, tentatively titled "Growing Up Outside the Gender Binary". The core of the project involves interviewing people who identify as something other than "male" or "female", as well as those who have friends/partners or family members who identify as something other than "male" or "female".

I would be delighted to speak with anyone who is interested in being interviewed for this project. Please feel free to reply to this post with your contact info, or if you'd prefer to contact me directly, I can be reached by email at peaceofpie@hotmail.com, or by AIM at username "sweetshaena".

Thank you so much!

drop dead

Friday Five!

1 - Okay, so "they" are doing a short film about your life. the soundtrack includes only three songs: the opening credits, the center sequence (make it a montage), and the closing credits. lists the songs and explain.

2 - You're having what can only be described as The Worst Day Ever[tm]. What is the one thing most likely to pull you out of this funk.

3 - So! You're "screening applications" from people who think that they're good enough to be your next lover/boyfriend/person/assassin. This is a very long and involved process including games of truth or dare, an essay, and maybe even an obstacle course. Name five tests that this person must pass in order to be deemed "good enough".

4 - You are arranging a small dinner party at your home. Name 5 people who you would invite and why. (i don't care if they're people i know or not).

5 - If you had to cut down your list of livejournal interests to only 10, what would they be?


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i am leaving in a few minutes for an evening of drunken debauchery. there had better be responces to this when i get back. *indignant huff*
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