March 31st, 2004

we are watching

friday five on wednesday (don't put my calendar in a box)

i've been procrastinating by reading all kinds of back-entries in pq, and it's striking me that we've gotten all serious these days. we're betraying our totally fun party roots, people! so in the spirit of infusing some much needed silliness into our lives, a few questions:

1. you know how in "but i'm a cheerleader" the ex-gay rehab place encourages the kids to find their "root"--the element in each childhood that led to their homosexuality? what's your root? what made you the fanstastic queer/freak/homo/genderwonder/hotragingbisexual/postqueer you are today? give us something from your actual childhood, and make it funny, yo.
2. tell us about your underpants. you may talk about the underpants you are currently wearing, address your underpants collection as a whole, or even expound on the philosophical aspects of your underpants as a genre of clothing.
3. you are having a dinner party with some folks from pq. it has reached the point in the evening when everybody's had one glass of wine too many, and you're falling all over yourselves laughing. what are you discussing?
4. deconstruct something that totally does not warrant deconstruction. example: pie. use as many 10-point words as possible.
5. if you have one, post a photo of yourself that requires that we not take you seriously one bit.
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