March 25th, 2004


Marriage hurts

this op-ed piece from the bay guardian expresses a lot of my sentiment regarding marriage and why I've been having a hard time with it...I feel sooooo happy for my individual friends and I feel like *something* has to happen to stop madcowboy disease from actually passing an amendment, and marriage really the form of civil disobedience that will effect the change I want to see??

Maybe Portland is the only place that has a handle on this...*nobody* should be getting married!?!

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Book Group?????

hi, what happened to the idea of a book group? Anyone want to play? I don't know who set it up or how it was set up.

I just read an article (Queering the Crip/ Cripping the Queer, Carrie Sandahl, GLO: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies) that was just really good te read.

+ I like the motivation to read books I might normally pass by.

Any interest?