March 23rd, 2004

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Sometimes I get frustrated and annoyed at this whole trend, where apparently like every teenage and college-age woman is bisexual now, because it's led to lots of people dismissing any mention of bi-ness as "oh, you mean you're Gay Until Graduation." If I tell people I am bisexual when the subject comes up, I always feel like they are or they may be thinking "oh, uh huh, yeah, sure..."

If I fib, and tell people I am gay, I can be sure they'll take it seriously, but then things happen, like me telling the woman who has become my best friend at college that I was gay when it came up because I didn't want to be dismissed, and then for months she had no clue that yes, I do like girls, and was very surprised when that came up.

I think I will just stick to self-describing as bi, and people who dismiss that can just go ahead and do that, and will realize I'm for real when they hear me talking about my intarweb-boyfriend-somethingorother of almost two years. Because I talk about him way more than I talk about hot girls.

Is this true?

I saw this posted on a friend's journal and have not had a chance to really look into the validity of it yet. I hate to pass it around in case it's just the start of a nasty rumor, but I'm hoping someone can provide more info. Have any of you heard about this?


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Despite President Bush's pledge that homosexuals "ought to have the same rights" (1) as all other people, his Administration this week ruled that homosexuals can now be fired from the federal workforce because of their sexual orientation.

According to the Federal Times, the president's appointee at the Office of Special Counsel ruled that federal employees will now "have no recourse if they are fired or demoted simply for being gay." (2) While the Bush Administration says it is legally prohibited from firing a person for their conduct, they have the legal right to fire or demote someone based on their sexual orientation. To carry out the directive, the White House has begun removing information from government websites about sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace. (3)

Not only does the new directive contradict the president's own promise to treat homosexuals as equals under the law, but it also contradicts what the Administration told Congress. As noted in a bipartisan letter from four Senators to the Administration, "During the confirmation process [of the president's appointee], you assured us that you were committed to protecting federal employees against unlawful discrimination related to their sexual orientation." (4)

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