March 18th, 2004

goth angel

alienating cartoon characters

y'know, in light of the whole 'no-fag zone' in tennessee...

does this mean tennessee tuxedo has to move?

i always wondered about him and chumley...

'ok, chumley, time to hit the bricks.'
'duhhhh, do we have to? i just got comfortable.'
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Tetsuo update!


The UAA has graciously agreed to donate $150 toward Tetsuo's bills. YAY! This leaves us with a very small balance remaining, thanks to the generous donations everyone has already made.

So what I'm now asking is that anyone who feels charitably toward Tetsuo & has a few extra bucks make donations to the UAA on behalf of Tetsuo, so other strays/feral cats might have the same good shot that he's getting. Yes, we still totally welcome a little more direct donation (he'll need at least one more vet visit and maybe some tests for his possible head injury), but I don't want to take more $$ from people than the guy needs for his recovery.

Thank you all so much for your big hearts and good energy - he's eating almost 6 oz of cat food a day, and seems pretty chill in the cage.
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