March 13th, 2004

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"Is Gay Marriage Anti-Black???" by Kenyon Farrow

I was in Atlanta on business when I saw the Sunday, Feb. 29th edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution that featured as its cover story the issue of gay marriage. Georgia is one of the states prepared to add some additional language to its state constitution that bans same sex marriages (though the state already defines marriage between a man and a woman, so the legislation is completely symbolic as it is political). What struck me about the front page story was the fact that all of the average Atlanta citizens whom were pictured that opposed gay marriages were black people. This is not to single out the Atlanta Journal Constitution, as I have noticed in all of the recent coverage and hubbub over gay marriage that the media has been real crucial in playing up the racial politics of the debate. For example, the people who are in San Francisco getting married are almost exclusively white whereas many of the people who are shown opposing it are black. And it is more black people than typically shown in the evening news (not in handcuffs). This leaves me with several questions: Is gay marriage a black/white issue? Are the Gay Community and the Black Community natural allies or sworn enemies? And where does that leave me, a black gay man, who does not want to get married?

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I thought the good folks in here should have access to this article, too. It articulates a lot of things many of us B/black and POC GBLT folks have been trying to articulate for a while. Perhaps this will put the conservative article in perspective and, perhaps, shed some light on the reactions so we can find out how we have all been bamboozled.

The Rainbow Strike begins today!

Don't forget....if you are participating, the first Rainbow Strike starts today and continues for the next two weeks.

We're not saying you need to huddle naked in a dark corner of your unheated home and suffer the excruciating agony of caffeine withdrawal while you hum tunelessly to yourself - but the fewer goods and services you purchase for the next two weeks, the better.

Items that incur a sales tax should be avoided as much as possible. Items sold by companies that have supported anti-queer politicians or who have patently evil agendas should, obviously, be avoided until their policies change. Where possible, buy from queer-friendly companies.

Keep track of the money you would have spent on double foam lattes and bitchin' clubwear, and donate it to the pro-queer organization of your choice.

Tell as many people as you can about the strike, including the companies you are boycotting. Tell them why you aren't buying their product or service, and tell them that you demand change, now, or you will continue not being their customer.

Do it again at the end of the next fiscal quarter until we get heard and respected.

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homophobic/ anti-gay advertisements on

On many of the pages for queer books, there are advertisements for anti-gay organizations.

Look for yourself (scroll about 1/4 of the way down to the 'sponsored links'):


There's a place to leave feedback for Amazon about the sponsored link, and to tell them that this is repulsive, hateful and homophobic. I did this, telling them that I would not shop at Amazon until these ads were removed (and that I would pass this along to as many people as I could).

I encourage you to do the same.