March 1st, 2004

(?!) every tool is a weapon

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I don't know if this has been posted before. If so, please tell me and I'll delete it.

Stolen from toosuto.

Go here and let your congresspeople know that you really don't think that an amendment to the Constitution needs to be made that unnessarily hurts queer people.

For that matter, do it if you think that willy-nilly amendments are problematic on legal or historical basises.

Hell, do it if you just want to annoy King George the Second. I don't care. But if you have any inclination to do so, please do.

I've been lurking, and it's about time you know who I am..

Because I've never posted here (or in any community for that matter), I'll begin with an introduction. I'm Evan and I'm a sophomore at the University of Utah majoring in Gender Studies. I am a biological male with primarily homosexual attractions. For better or worse, my mannerisms and gender expression fall on the side of masculine. When I have to identify, I do so as queer. I am currently employed as an intern in the LGBT Resource Center on campus. Politically, I'm radically liberal. My educational interests include feminism, queer theory, philosophy, and critical theory. And you should know, I love you all.

A Queer Nation piece I posted in my journal yesterday has been the source of some interesting debate amongst my group of friends. So, I'm inviting you all to join the fray as I feel it is relevant to the community. Comments welcome.
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