February 24th, 2004

A way to exchange info?

I listed other lj groups on queer_marriage's user info page in the 'About' section. There's no longer a way for communities to join communities.

Some Other LJ groups discussing this issue are gay_marriage, queeractivism, political_queer, postqueer

If you want to do this the lj-cut to make them links is


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wordweaverlynn and I went up to the reception in San Francisco Sunday for all the newlywed couples. It was a wonderful afternoon -- I have rarely been in that big a crowd and still felt so comfortable. So many people, so happy -- it was great. I even got to slow dance with wordweaverlynn, who basically never dances in public.

After that, i was sitting there with my head on her shoulder, feeling this deep sense of contentment and relaxation, and I found myself thinking "I feel.... almost safe."

It was a startling thought, but I realized it was true. There are so many people for whom I'm too many things: I'm bi(at least)sexual, polyamorous, kinky, Pagan, Episcopalian -- someone, somewhere in almost any gathering I'm in, is going to be uncomfortable with one or more of those things. I seem to have my best luck (outside my marvellous birthfamily and heartfamily!) in my local poly group, which also has a fair number of EpiscoPagans and kinkfolk, in my local kinky circle, where people have just known me for a long time, and in science fiction fandom, where I wind up being just another weird fan.

But outside those known groups, among the people I care most about -- queer, poly, kinky, or religious -- I am always aware that if I'm honest about who I am, that lovely feeling of being among people like me may be dissolved by the need to educate. Again. Or by being unable to get through to someone who thinks that some part of my life is wrong.

I wish, sometimes, that I were comfortable just passing. It would be pretty easy, in most respects; all it would take is watching what I say. But I just can't do that. It feels like suicide. I want to be able to go to something like yesterday's reception with my husband and my wives, and be welcome and accepted. Someday, I hope, we'll be able to marry legally too -- and I know that some people in the crowd yesterday will be happy to be there and celebrate with us. And some won't.
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I've spent the last hour poring over old PQ posts and scouring the internet for a quote I saw somewhere last week. It was from the spokesperson for one of the national queer orgs, and it said something to the effect of, "It's strange that President Bush is so opposed to the idea of activist courts, since they are the entire reason he's in the White House." Anyone know who said it, and where I can find the text?
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Behind the cut tag is a letter I just wrote and sent to everyone I know who might need extra encouragement that the president's amendment to ban same-sex marriages would be really really really bad (mostly my parents friends). Please feel free to lift it and send it to anyone you think it might be appropriate to send to. (just take my name out at the end!)

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