February 21st, 2004

dark phoenix rising

Gender and Sexual IDs Explode with New Words


No wonder Cruz sometimes grows frustrated when he leads discussions about appropriate language in anti-homophobia workshops. It can take an hour for his savviest students to list the "hundreds" of words they know for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Then the discussion about what the words mean, who can use them and whether they're polite, often drags on ad nauseam.

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wanna be in pictures?

call for participants:
i'm working on an installation (ok, i'm starting to work on an installation) on trans/genderqueer issues. i'm an mfa student in vermont, working with photography and mixed media.
i'm looking for people who are interested in being involved. unfortunately, i don't have the means to travel too far, so i'm really only looking for folks in the new england area (although i may be in seattle in a few months, so anyone in that area...)(ooh, also montreal. i could get to montreal :)

here is the proposalCollapse )

a little about me: (since i'm always interested in who i'm being represented by...)
i'm 24, id as a queer femme feminist bio-girl, fairly educated and extremely interested in queer/gender theory, documentation (in general) and the issues surrounding it. i've been taking pictures for about 7 years now, you can see my work at shenalee.com (i'm working on this site right now so there are a few funny things going on), and for work relevant to gender issues, go here.

i'm also interested in feedback on the actual proposal, so if anyone has any thoughts i'd love to here them, as it's still in process.
and feel free to forward, re-post, etc. thanks!