February 18th, 2004

Give thanks where it belongs

Why don't we give thanks to all the city employees who worked without pay for 3 days and nights. Send a email expressing your gratitude for their generosity and help. Many of the city employees who volunteered their time are going to need it in the next couple months. They face layoffs due to city budget cuts. Send it to Gavin Newsom to remind him who did the work.

Thank Mabel Tang for all her hard work and her amazing infectious energy.

Gavin Newsom
(415) 554-6141
TDD: (415) 252-3107
Fax: (415) 554-6160
Email: gavin.newsom@sfgov.org

Board of Supervisors
Contact info
415) 554-5184 – voice
415) 554-5163 – fax
(415) 554-5227 – TTY

City Clerks Office
Phone: (415) 554-4950
Fax: (415) 554-4951
Email: county.clerk@sfgov.org