February 16th, 2004

  • cattack

Michaela and Karen Late Night

About an hour ago, M+K left to shower and change at a friend's house. Soon, they'll head back to City Hall where they shall camp under a ginormous blue tarp. It's raining here and rather chilly, but the mood is fantastic. Surreal, really.

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  • epilady

All kindsa married and stuff! Again!!!

Hey, a much longer post to come, with pictures and everything!

I'm overwhelmed by the love, support, and general amazingness of all y'all....thank you beyond words. The T-shirt and mousepad are forthcoming, promise!

For now - we're lounging at lhallf's pad with whimsicalpops, telebraker6, cattack, and unheardmusic31, along with other fabulous pals, awaiting a luscious brunch and admiring all the glam pics.

I hear we were on Channel 7 news last night - did anyone tape it? Help?

xxx Mrs. Grisverde

Shouts to wookiepocket and cholthered: you are an amazing couple and incredible individuals to boot. Come over and have some more bacon!
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