February 15th, 2004


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i have a few more shots of saturday up on the site...im waiting for some better images to be developed...and im off to take some more today, sunday...my newspaper is also covering this pretty in-depth and i'll post those articles on the site too.

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Brief Update on the epilady + chestertodd Wedding Tour

epilady and chestertodd are preparing to camp at City Hall--in tents provided by friends. It's been cool and rainy for much of the day, and City Hall is a utterly disorganized zoo. So disorganized, in fact that Michaela and Karen were sent to the wrong line, which caused them to lose 45 precious minutes. Then, they were told to leave because no more licenses would be available today. Oy.

Because tomorrow's licenses will be issued on a first-come/first-serve basis, a long line has formed; M+K are, of course, part of it. Mind you, they might be forced to leave and reconvene in the morning. We shall see. Right now, I'm headed down to City Hall to deliver an extra umbrella and a super-size dose of moral support. If you're in the area, I encourage you to do the same.

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here they are now

epilady and chestertodd say hi. i just met them for the first time. so nice and cute.

anyway they're probably about #60 or so in line...they'll definitely get married tomorrow if they can stick it out tonight...as of 6 pm or so they were in good spirits and among friends..i'll probably go visit them later.

photo updates from sunday available in a few hours..

Wedding Reception for DEL and PHYLLIS

I'm suggesting someone crazy grab a video camera & go tape the people getting married or waiting to & do interviews as well.  (even a rickity tape player would be fantastic)

I'm trying to make certain there's footage for a possible documentary.  I couldn't hop down & didn't think of asking locals.   I'm trying to find other filmmakers interested in this project & find SF video footage (If so I'll be looking for someone to film the reception)

Could you fwd this to whomever you think might be interested?


Save the date ...
Wedding Reception for DEL and PHYLLIS
Sunday afternoon Feb 22 (SF).
| BACW requests the honour of your presence
| to celebrate the marriage of
| Wedding Reception to be held
| On Sunday afternoon,
| the twenty-second of February
| Two thousand and four.
| Open to everyone in the LGBT Community.
| Details to follow.
A Joyous Celebration of Love, Marriage, Family and Community.
Newlyweds, wear your wedding finery - this marriage reception is for you too!
Please forward this message to all your newlywed friends!
For more information: