February 12th, 2004

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Book Club Reminder

Hello, lovelies!

We shall commence our second ever postqueer Book Club on 17 February. I do hope you join us, as we shall discuss The End of Gay, which provides ample mind fodder.

Do visit us even if you haven't read the book; we're sure to touch on numerous issues that are salient to the postqueer community. Indeed.

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Why I Heart San Francisco

San Francisco Officials Marry Gay Couple

Feb 12, 2:57 PM (ET)
SAN FRANCISCO (AP)-In a political and legal challenge to California law, city authorities officiated at the marriage of a lesbian couple Thursday and said they will issue more gay marriage licenses.

The act of civil disobedience was coordinated by Mayor Gavin Newsom and top city officials and was intended to beat a conservative group to the punch. The group, Campaign for California Families, had planned to go to court on Friday to get an injunction preventing the city from issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.

Longtime lesbian activists Phyllis Lyon, 79, and Del Martin, 83, were married just before noon by City Assessor Mabel Teng in a closed-door civil ceremony at City Hall, mayor's spokesman Peter Ragone said. The two have been a couple for 51 years.

Ragone said that beginning at noon, officials would begin issuing marriage licenses to any gay couples applying for one.
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Sign the damn petition

Sign the petition for marriage equality at www.millionformarriage.org

if you have signed already, please get your friends to sign!  WCurrently at 260,000 signers).


+ why not continue the wave of marriage in vogue!?!

Happening now! Grab your sweetie and prance to get that paper...hey, it's a publicity stunt, but what do US politics run on? Surely city officials in NYC & Vermont are just waiting for a chance to commit civil disobediance!

Hell, I don't have a sweetie, but I might grab some random stranger and give it a go.

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good news/rant

Gay Couple Married in San Francisco


A lot of people are thinking that all this recent debate on gay marriage, especially Bush's words about the Federal Marriage Amendment, is a bad sign for the queer community...but I think it's actually opposite.  Bush and other conservative groups/individuals are now trying to rouse up support against same-sex marriage because they see how serious people are about getting it legalized, and how many more people--including democratic presidential candidates--are beginning to support it.  So all this new tension on the issue is really a sign that it's coming to the forefront, and now that it's "threatening" some of the more right-wing people out there they're responding.

It's terrible to me that a couple that's been together half a century cannot even legally wed.  How many heterosexual couples last that long?  Why can straight people hurt each other, marry and divorce as they please, yet same-sex couples that have endured years or even decades are denied that basic privilege?  FUCK God.  God should not be a part of U.S. government.  It disgusts me that people are pushing anti gay marriage initiatives under such religious pretexts and they're getting away with it.  Fine, you think homosexuality is immoral?  Then close your fucking eyes, but don't try to tell us that "God" thinks we're bad people, and don't use a government and a document designed to protect us to take a way a right from ten percent of Americans.

This marriage in San Francisco is just the kind of political move I think is necessary for this issue.  If nothing else, people have to preserve the states' right to make their own decisions when it comes to things, like gay marriage, that are viewed so differently in different places.  Fine, maybe Alabama isn't ready for same-sex marriage, but I at least want the chance for, say, California, the "crazy state" as Eddie Izzard puts it, to decide for ourselves.  Especially since the federal legislation proposed would take away things like domestic partner protection laws here or gay marriage already in place in a few other states...

We will not be kept quiet.

EDIT: I realized this had been posted a whole bunch of times, so I just linked it...


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