February 11th, 2004

Get Some Bush for V-day


The President is playing politics with the Constitution for political gain in an election year - on the backs of families.

From The Washington Post, 2/11/04:  "Republican officials said Bush's decision to proceed now was driven partly by his desire to start the general election campaign on a fresh issue, at a time when his credibility has been battered by questions about prewar warnings of unconventional weapons in Iraq, as well as doubts raised by Democrats about his National Guard service."

1. Fax your members of Congress. Tell them to oppose the Musgrave anti-marriage amendment and any attempt to amend the Constitution to discriminate against GLBT Americans.  Click here or copy and paste this URL into your browser:  http://www.hrcactioncenter.org/campaign/bush_fma

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Any filmmakers on list?

I'm playing with various ideas about making a film. I'm not even certain I want to make a film but for the sake of possibilities, if I did, it might be about some histoty of gay/lesbian/Queer theater (what started w/ gay male theater, eg Josies in SF, and WOW in NY, etc, etc...going to the history of less dualistic stuff...(I know mostly SF in 90's as that's where I performed/produced)

So many options...look at NEA4 & Karen Finely...the use of art as political protest (which could even take it out of catagories defined by sexual-preference)

...or focus on artist communities where gender is fluid eg, 848 Divisedero in SF

...a moving image doco of REsearch subjects (big on Diamanda Galas, I'm unimpressed by Annie Sprinkle...but historically...)

it could be specific--drag kings-- but I'm interested in the historical view...Stonewall, Stone Butch Blues kind of stuff (maybe throw a little bit of the original drag king, Joan of Arc...maybe that's too far back)

Anyway, I'll probably make one eventually...any media commrades? Fundraisers? daughters of Hollywood directors?