February 7th, 2004

  • dyketit

my letter to the gov

Dear Sir,
As a staunch Republican I have a steady history of adhering to party lines and giving all candidates in my party the benefit of the doubt, even when some of their views differ from mine. During the gubernatorial election, I strayed from this upon noting how antigay some of your politics have been in the past. As a lesbian, I am aware many minorities believe in one issue voting, but have never thought that a wise venture. However, I decided that it was in my best interest to vote against you, against my own party. This decision was quiet disheartening but not nearly as much as your recent actions. Last year my girlfriend and I left the state of Ohio to move to Texas, a few months ago we decided to move back "home." Imagine my dismay and heartache upon hearing that my "home" just passed in to law a bill that declares me a second class citizen. Despite the advancement in other states (the repeal of sodomy laws, and the constitutional decision in Massachusetts), my home state has taken a step backwards in discrimination. Please be aware, I am now proud of my vote against you. I hope others don't view you as a fair example of Ohioans or Republicans for your discriminatory politics render you merely a bigot without any further distinction.
The still legally unwed,
Tiffany Begg