February 1st, 2004

Dealing with LJ hateful posts?

x-posted to various art or/and queer/lesbian/gay LJs


I just want to know what people think the best thing to do when someone posts a really hateful message 
to a community board?

Obviously the guy vaporlock is wanting a fight so he can whine about freedom of speech and his rights. (I say this not knocking free speech, but dissing people who wank over it--oh that's freedom of expression)

I know Hate Speech is/has been treated differently then free speech (don't buy it that anyone can say anything otherwise I could legally say I was you or whatever)...but I was living under a rock when the whole M&M thing happened & perhaps now people can say any hateful thing at anytime?

but how does it make people feel? There's Neo-Nazi's on LJ but this guy just sounds like a jerk and I'm not certain I want to call attention to my LJ.

It's simply that I don't want to read this garbage in the morning when I first get up.